miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2008

About this site

Greetings to everyone. I hope that this small corner that was created with love for guitar lovers in Cuenca (Ecuador) is an area where we can share experiences, stories and anecdotes of events guitar music. Many years ago when I started my career with my teachers Joel Alvarado Castro and Bolivar Sarmiento Regalado, the guitar as an instrument of study at birth was still in our midst, but there was only intended to accompany them but somehow contributed to the interest that arises to go further and improve. Sarmiento was and is one of the most representative icons of the guitar from Cuenca and after it resurfaced guitar and began to gain ground in our midst. There will be space to comment on these teachers to whom we have many more interest in our music and our favorite instrument, the guitar ...
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